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  1. I recommend the anime Tokyo Ghoul.
    Imagine there is another breed that are like humans in every way, except they eat people. This breed coexists in human society, and called Ghouls. Humans fear and hate the ghouls, going as far to have an entire government army reserved just for killing and tracking them down. Cannibles are scary enough, but imagine if they also had a weapon. I don’t mean a sword, I mean wings or vines that come out their backs to kill.
    The story is about a boy called Kaneki who, though he was born human, gets turned into a half ghoul-half human hybrid. Kaneki can no longer digest regular food or drink but refuses to eat people, wanting to keep a sense of humanity.
    Kaneki is afraid to reach out to other ghouls, believing that their evil monsters. That is, until he meets Touka and few other ghouls that run a coffee shop. He finds out that they’re kind and nice and don’t like murder either.
    A single human or Ghoul can’t heal the rift between them but.. Kaneki is human AND ghoul..

    The anime is great and enjoyable, the animation is smooth, the characters are relatable and emotion evicting and the story plot is just perfect! A warning: there is a little goriness, death and general cry worthy stuff, so..
    I promise you’ll enjoy this anime (which you can access here: )


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