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Comments on: "Delivery Man (movie)" (3)

  1. This is a great comedy filled with talented acting and genius storyline. I enjoyed this comedy, however the storyline is a bit unrealistic. I would recommend it to people 12+ as it may be a little inappropriate for anyone under that age. If you are looking for a funny film to pass some time I would definitely recommend this as a good option.


  2. Delivery Man is a good film to watch when you are looking for a time filler, however I would recommend it as one of the greatest films. I found the story line to be relatively uneventful and just not a captivating film. The ‘out there’ plot of the film was exceedingly unrealistic which made the film slightly less enjoyable to watch. The star of this film is vince vaughn, and whilst his acting is not poor during the movie, his character is not one that I found to be incredibly likable. This is just my take on the film, however a younger audience may find the movie better to watch and enjoy the storyline. People under the age of about 13 may be most suited to this film as I would guess that people of an older age may share my view on the film. 


  3. Georgia said:

    I thought the delivery man was a funny comedy. You now how some comedies are just simply not funny? The deliver man proves this wrong. Not something I would watch on a girlie weekend though. I personally think that this movie would be more entertaining for men than women. The great actors like Vince Vaughn make the video so much better. For this movie I would rate it a 7 out of 10 and I would recommend it for people aged 13 and up


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