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Comments on: "Zombieland (movie)" (3)

  1. Awesome action and violence. Great humor. A seriously a great film! The thing I like about Zombieland is how it manages to bulid up a comedy side to the movie while managing to maintain the fact that it is actually a horror film. If you are into shows like The Walking Dead you will like this film because it’s the same but with some comedy in there. One of the best comedies of 2009.


  2. Bethany said:

    I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a bit of sick-humour, action and hilarious hatred for the walking dead. I rate this 10/10.


  3. A Movie i would highly like to recommend for people to watch is Zombie land. Its more of a action film and is about killing of all the humans who had turned into disease carrying zombies. They have to be killed of, so people can return to there everything day living back in there city. I love actions films and love the whole hunting and shooting the zombies down. In Some parts its also sad. You see a lot of people killed or contaminated with the diseases from the zombies. This is non-fiction, so its impossible for it actually ever happen. I would recomend this movie for people who love action and killing, for both guys and girls. I would rate this movie 9 out of 10. I loved it so i think everyone else should like it


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