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When Nina’s mother, Miranda, mysteriously disappears, Nina’s father goes to look for her, leaving Nina with her two eccentric aunts who run a charity shop in town.

Nina soon discovers that working in the shop can be funny, intriguing and rewarding as she takes in weird and wonderful donations, makes new friends and uncovers strange secrets! But Nina is determined to solve the mysteries that have taken over her life – where has her mother gone? Why did she leave so suddenly? And just what is the secret she’s been hiding?

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Comments on: "The treasure house – Linda Newberry" (1)

  1. The Treasure House is a story about a girl called Nina who comes home one day to find that her mum is missing! her dad goes to find her but Nina finds lots of clues which could help to find her mother. I would recommend the treasure house to anybody who likes mystery because this book kept me guessing and although I thought the ending could have been bit better, I didn’t mind though because, all throughout the book there were twists and turns and I just wanted to keep reading.I didn’t really have a favourite character because there were so many great characters in the book.I rate this book an 8/10 because I really would have loved the book even more if it had had a better ending.


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