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  1. I liked this movie as it isn’t a typical movie I would watch. It was quote odd for me yet really enjoyable. My favourite part would have to be where Chihiro realizes where where Haku came from. It’s really adorable and its a really happy scene. My favourite character would be Lin because she takes care of Chihiro and is so nice when everyone finds out she’s a human in the spirit world. I recommend this movie to others, even though its quite lengthy it is a great film to watch especially if you’re interested in anime.


  2. Josephine said:

    The movie Spirited Away is Directed by Japans amazing Hayao Miyazaki. Its about a girl called Chihiro , Her parents drive to a strange town, where there curiosity gets the better of them and leads them into a strange world full of magical things and strange spiris.
    Chihiro and her Parents become ‘Spirited Away’ into a sort of wonderland, Chihiro trys to find a way to set her parents free from a spell, and meets some interesting people and things along the way.
    The movie has stunning graphics, and is sort of anime like, but I really do recommend it to anyone and everyone,


  3. Bridget said:

    I loved the movie spirited away because the characters were awesome and the movie was funny.My favourite part of the movie was when chihero was running down the stairs screaming because I thought it was funny.My favourite character is chihero because she is brave and she had a caring heart throughout the whole movie about her parents and haiku.I can relate to chihero because I can feel panicked like her sometimes.I don’t have a least favourite part in the movie.If i could change something in the movie it would be to make the bathouse bigger so there is a lot of space.I would certainly recommend this movie to others because they will just love it.Any person will love this movie because people will enjoy it. I give this movie 10/10.


  4. This is probably my favourite Hayao Miyazaki movie, other than Princess Mononoke. It was strange at first, but the more times I watched it, the easier it was to understand. I recommend this movie to people that like adventure and mythical creatures. I give this movie 8/10


  5. I really love this movie because its a very long one but its still enjoyable.I love all the characters they are cute and have a great personality I would recommened this to everyone.


  6. Spirited away was a very unusual but very creative movie. It was in some parts a bit scary. The story was amazing and I loved the characters. The movie was like a dream and Chihiro was the dreamer. She dreamed about all the cute little creatures and her great friends. It was like a fantasy world with both loving and horrible characters. I loved the movie because it was different and individual. I think it is a great family movie to watch.


  7. The best movie in the world!!! I love this movie, haven’t seen it in ages but Im probably gonna Borrow it from the library some day! umm.. I don’t get how people think its weird because I find it amazing! I’d recommend anyone to watch it, even my little sister and dad has seen and they said they loved it too. the story line is a little bit strange and different but thats what it makes it so good because its something new. Its funny, sweet, sad, inspiring and adventurous. I loved Chihiro, but I hated when that lady changed her name and how she treated people. This movie is just so sweet….


  8. i’ve seen this like four time and i still think its weird. it was pretty scary. Lot of different things happened so it got a little confusing but it showed what great imaginations the people have that made it your minds are truly unique i will never forget about this for many different reasons because it has that thing that makes you go “ok what just happen”


  9. there was nothing on t.v so i started watching this movie. I found it really weird but it was unique. The movie went for a long time but there was always things happening. I enjoyed it.


  10. I found this movie quite weird….It had lots of weird animals and creatures. But I found it quite interesting despite the weird storyline and the weird characters and people. It wasn’t a long story and even my younger brothers watched it. It had a good happy ending and great people and names. I rate this movie 3.5/5 stars.


  11. I Recommend the movie “Spirited Away” , It is Directed by Hayao Miyazaki .
    Its About a girl called Chihiro , Her parents lead her to a strange town, and her parents curiousity lead them into a world of strange and magical places. Chihiro and her Parents become spirited away into a sort of dream world, Chihiro trys to find a way to set her parents free, and meets some interesting people and things along the way, Kimino wearing frogs included in this mix . Its A Beautiful movie, and the Graphics are amazing, its sort of anime.
    This movie is a leading Japanese film, and Smashed Box Office Records.
    Its Sort Of Like, Japan’s Version Of Alice In Wonderland And I Really Recommend It,
    Happy Watching, x


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