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Comments on: "August: Osage County (movie)" (1)

  1. I have recently seen August: Osage County, and I think it’s a brilliant movie. The plot is a little confronting, but the acting is simply brilliant and enjoyable to watch. It tells the story of a family who go through many things together in a short space of time, that changes how they interact with each other. There are many revelations and discoveries during the film and they change the characters by the end of the film. This film is almost heartbreakingly tragic is some senses as they discover new things, and I feel so sorry for them at times. My favourite character was Little Charles, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, because he was so adorably innocent and young. He played him brilliantly, and whilst all around him his family was going crazy, he was calm and almost unaware. Even though everyone in the family went through hard times during the film, they all go on with their lives and survive. I enjoyed this film even though it was a little dark, and I rate it 8.5/10. I recommend it to everyone 15 and above and I think that most people should watch it as it is very interesting.


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