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When Amy journeys to Australia with her sister Lou to visit their father on his horse ranch,

she has difficulty feeling a part of his new family.

Lou gets along easily with his wife and three-year-old daughter, Lily,

but Amy can’t look past the fact that she was just three when her father left.

So Amy delves into the stablework.

But when she reaches a breakthrough with one of the jumpers, the other trainers resent her success.

Amy laments that she can’t do anything right away from Heartland.

It takes a family crisis for Amy to discover she can claim new roles – and make new friends.


Fantastic Fiction


Comments on: "Love is a gift (Heartland series) – Lauren Brooke" (2)

  1. Nessy said:

    the heartland series is definitely for the horse crazy girls out there! it it a mix of horses, drama, action and a bit of comedy… it has also been made into a tv series as well, I am currently watching it and it is amazing! the books are just as good though so I highly recommend it. I would give it a 10 out of 10 and 5 stars!!!!


  2. I would like to recommend the 15th book in the Hweartland series, Love is a gift. This book is about Amy’s struggles to balance Heartland, her family there and her father’s new family in Australia. Her father has invited her and her sister Lou to go to Australia and stay at his ranch. Am would love to go, but can’t decide to leave Heartland. In the end she decides to go knowing that Ty would have everything under control. The book tells of her emotional visit with her father and her acceptance in the barn, but things don’t go so smoothly with his new wife Helena and their Baby. Was the trip such a good idea after all? Read for yourself to find out. I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and it kept me glued right till the last page.


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