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12-year-old Alexa, has spent her life living behind the four-story walls that surround her village and the three others that make up Bridewell Common. But Alexa’s curiosity for what lies in the hills and forests on the other side sends her on a daring adventure into a secret world in which nothing is as it seems to be.
Patrick Carman


Comments on: "The land of Eylon series – Patrick Carman" (1)

  1. I recommend the 3 part book series, The Land of Eylon by Patrick Carmen. The book is about a 12 year old girl Alexa Daley who lives in the Land of Eylon, a magical land filled with mysteries that are yet to be sold. Alexa who is a very curious and daring girl is eager to unravel the mysteries of Eylon, or just go on an adventure. The little world she lives in, in the Land of Eylon is walled off from the lurking dangers outside the walls, but the further Alexa goes into the mysteries the more she discovers that maybe those dangers are lurking within the walls. The series follows Alexa as her hopes to go on an adventure become true as a dear friend sends her on a mission to discover and finish the dangers, which have become bigger than Alexa ever thought. She must save the Land of Eylon before it is overruled by a dark society. I rate this series a 9/10.


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