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John is obsessed with dominoes, but not with playing the traditional game. Instead, he is obsessed with toppling. He spends hours setting up spirals, ramps, patterns and lines of dominoes all for that satisfying topple. Beginning with a small push in the right direction, everything falls as it is meant to. When John’s friend Dom falls sick and is diagnosed with cancer, it is John and his friends’ worlds that fall apart. Can they face Dom and support him through this uncomfortable illness?


Comments on: "Toppling – Sally Murphy" (2)

  1. Chelsea said:

    This book is so sad when Dom gets sick because of cancer. John and Dom always made massive domino towers and domino trails that go all around his bedroom. One day when Dom didn’t come to school John started to worry about his best friend. When Dom threw up in class there was a mean boy and they found out that he was mean because his dad died from cancer. At the end they all shave their heads to surport Dom. It was a very touching book. I rate it 11/10


  2. I recommend ‘Toppling’ by Sally Murphy. It is a story about two boys John and Dom. John is obsessed with putting dominoes on their small edges and making them topple. John and Dom are best friends and do everything together until Dom gets sick. John just thinks he has a cold but when Dom does’t come to school for a couple of days, John starts to get worried. When they do a presentation in class it turns out that a classmate’s dad died of cancer. It is a very heart touching book. 500/10


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