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On a school trip to the plague village of Eyam, Seth is moved by the story of how villagers sacrificed their lives to the dreaded Black Death.

Kim and Wes are more interested in what they see at the bottom of the wishing well – money!

But when they snatch the coins they also pick up something they hadn’t bargained for, and as the hideous consequences of their theft catch up with them all, Seth is forced to face a terrifying truth.

Has Eyam’s plague-ridden past resurfaced to seek revenge?

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Comments on: "Kiss of death – Malcolm Rose" (10)

  1. charlotte said:

    I absolutely LOVE this book! it is my favourite!! I was caught at the very beginning of this book, this is what i love about Malcom Rose – his books always start interesting and end interesting! I love the idea of incorporating the plaugue into a child (teen) friendly book. Kiss of death was very informing as well as a fantastic narrative. I thought the ending was a bit sad and i felt sorry for seth, since he was the one who always had to fix what his sister (and wez) had done. It was a little gross in parts, explaining what happened to those in the time of the plaugue. But I’m glad malcom deceied to do that because it really tells you what people had to go through in those times.
    It was a great easy read for me (i get put off very easily from massive thick books.) and i was reading everywhere and could NEVER put it down!!
    Malcom Rose is an amazing writer who writes horror books. I love his spooky adjectives and the interring characters in his books. After i finished reading the kiss of death, i decided to stick with Malcom Rose and try his other book; The tortured Wood. This is is a great book a well.
    I loved Kiss of death and i recommend you to read it, because i think you will love it as much i did!


  2. Mikayla said:

    I loved this book! As well as being a fantastic book this book is also a very informative book. I learnt so much about the plague from this book and enjoy the whole thing!
My favourite part of the book was the ending. A lot of my friends who read it hated the ending although I thought it was great!
My favourite character was Seth, he was so generous and caring to do everything he did for Wes and Kim. I also liked Wes and Kim because they were cheeky and risk takers.
I would definitely recommend this book for others to read because it was short and easy to read and very interesting and hard to put down!


  3. i think it could have had more information because all it talked about was the characters getting it and not much about the plauge. all the characters were interesting and they all were my fav!!!!!!!my fav charactor out of all of them would have to be seth because he held all the responsibility for kim and wes and saving them!!!!!!


  4. This book was very fascinating I found the ending of the book very annoying because it didn’t completely finish. Our literature circles group also found the ending annoying as well. I really have enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to people who like scary, adventurous & little sections of some history back in 1665 to 1666. Hope you decide to read it it’s great!


  5. This is a very good book. it is about the black plauge which hit the town of eyam in the year 1665/1666. it is all about these 3 people who go to the town
    It didn’t take me long to get the point the auther was giving however i didn’t get the end.


  6. Also the ending was different it was left open and it kept you thinking. My favourite character was Seth because he was the only responsible one, the other 2 (Kim and Wes) were abit reckless.


  7. it took me a while to get into it but in the end it was great!
    this book is a good mix of horror and history i would defiantly recommend it.


  8. i recomend the book, kiss of death. it was a great book but it took a while to get into the story. this book included a mix of adventure and horror i think, it was a very interesting book. it starts off when these three tennagers are ona school excursion, and they steel some old roman coins and a lead message out of this wishing well, and thenthe teenagers go to this gift shop and ask the man how much the coins and lead would be worth. they keep on stealing and they get this message and its a curse, well lets just say that i dont want to ruin the rest. but i defiently think that you should go ahead and read this book. 🙂


  9. This book is is an educational book. As it tells you about the black plague. It tells an amazing story of three young teenagers who are infected with the Black Plague. When reading the book all sorts of questions formed in my head like, Who will die? Who will save them? and many more. I think this novel tells a creepy but fabulous story. I enjoyed it very much i found myself holding my breath all the time. But there was just one thing i didn’t like about it i thought it would be abit more mature. None the less it is a great book


  10. When I was told that I had to do Kiss of death Death as a Literature Circles book I can honestly say that my heart hit the ground. I had no enthusiasm what so ever to read the book.
    It may seem to be about a gory disease that raided Eyam and the surrounding towns. But it is so much more.
    When Seth and his friends go on a boring school excursion to the village of Eyam, he didn’t know that it would change his life. They find money in the well in the centre of the town and snatch it. But they get more than they bargain for. When Seth realises that the led that came with his catch of coins has a message. “Emma, true love always, rest in peace, R.T.” Then the soposable R.T and Emma come to visit them, but with them being 300 years old and all it’s not exactly your everyday visit. Then Kim finds another piece of led with another message. Seth says she should be careful and return it before anything bad happens, but Kim doesn’t listen to her twin brother.
    What follows is disaster. Wes gets sick and goes to hospital only to have the doctors diagnose and unknown disease with an unknown cause.
    Once Kim falls ill as well Seth decides that tis is no coincedance and decides it could be a curse. This is only the begining of a rollercoaster journey to free his sister and friend of the dreaded plague.
    This book would suit anyone who picks it up, you just have to get past the yucky cover to the addictive read inside.
    I have loved this book because you learn about the plague and how Eyam sacrificed it’s people to keep the plague from spreading to the rest of England and have fun reading an addictive book at the same time.
    Have Fun!!!!!


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