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This gorgeous ideas and craft book features all of Beci’s favourite things, from wall murals such as life-size paper Christmas trees, to embroideries and herb gardens and picnic fare. Discover where Beci gets her inspiration from and follow her in her studio, at home and out and about as she gathers ideas for her projects. Learn how these ideas come to life and then apply them yourself with 25 make-at-home projects that cover a wide range of crafty mediums, from collages to cushions and t-shirts to teacups.


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Comments on: "Find and keep – Beci Orpin" (2)

  1. Two of my favourite books in the whole wide world would have to be Find & keep and Home by Beci Orpin. Although these books aren’t chapter books, aren’t picture story books, they don’t have a start, middle or end and they don’t tell a story they are still my favourite books. I like these books because they are filled with wonderful and creative arts and crafts projects that I just love finding inspiration from and having my own go at being creative. There are so many wonderful projects that vary in difficulty for all ages and ability and simple step by step instructions to follow. I would have to rate them both 10/10.


  2. i highly,absolutely recommend the book find and keep i really liked the book and what it had to is an art book and is a about lady called Becky Orpin and her art life it included a heap of awesome art projects easy to do around the house and opened up the life of the book it talks about colours,shapes,designs etc. i really liked the book because it was great to learn more about what i am interested favourite bits of the book was hen she talks about the different projects she has undertaken and to see the projects she produces.i really liked all of the art work in the book and the graphical designs displayed.i give this book a 10/10 simply because it was an interesting beautiful book.i have read this book over and over.i would recommend this book for all ages but has a few sophisticated things and is suited for ages 8+.i think everyone who or will read this book loved and will love it.if you love art and trying projects i think this book is great for you.


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