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Comments on: "The sleepover (movie)" (4)

  1. The sleepover movie is one of the most girliest movies I have ever seen. As teenage girls we can relate to the girls on the movie, all we do is talk about boys like these girls. The rivalry between the two groups on this movie is very strong. I would rate this movie a 6/10, very funny and a great movie to connect to. This movie is aimed at yes 13+. Great movie.


  2. Bella said:

    The Movie Sleepover is a fantastic movie it is about two groups of girls that start in a sleepover game sort of like a treasure hunt to win the crown at the dance. This movie is really funny and is the absolute best movie for a sleepover with your friends. I recommend you watch this and is perfect for 12-13 yr olds. I rate this movie Sleepover a 8/10 !!!!!!!!!


  3. i loved the sleepover movie when i was younger it was a really enjoyable movie to watch i would recommend this movie to anyone aged 10 to 14 years of age. i would give it and 8/10.


  4. I would like to recommend the movie ‘The Sleepover’. This movie is about a group of Girls (about 13-14 years old) having a massive sleepover and making little challenges to compete against their enemy. I would recommend this movie to girls about 11-15 years old because it definitely has some comedy and romance. I love this movie and it’s suitable for all ages so I give this movie an 8/10!


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