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Comments on: "Iron Man 2 (movie)" (3)

  1. Olivia said:

    After I went to see Iron Man 3, I thought it would bee appropriate to watch the first and second one as I hadn’t seen them yet. I watched Iron Man 1 and 2 on the day off last week and really loved it! My favourite part in the movie is at the end where Rhodey (Col. James Rhodes) and Tony battled all of Justin Hammer’s computerised machinery. I thought it was so cool! And also when Natasha Ramanoff (Scarlett Johansson) bet up all the guards at Hammer Industries! I think the Iron Man trilogy are very addictive and I rate this film an
    8 / 10, I didn’t like how Tony handed over Stark Industries to Pepper while he was dying, but I’m glad he overcame the ark reactor difficulties and repaired it with the help of his father. I recommend this movie to ages 10 and over.


  2. Iron Man is the best ever when i watched nom 1 i knew that i would love nom 2. My favourite character would have to be Tony Stark he is also Iron Man. I love watching the movie it makes me so very addicted to it. I agree that it is defiantly an amazing movie that every one shall watch. I rate it 10/10.


  3. After watching Iron Man 1, I knew I had to watch number 2! I really enjoyed this movie and I believe that Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow plays their parts so well!

    I really enjoyed the part when Tony Stark and James Rhodes team up to fight evil together because it shows how best friends will always be there for one another.

    My favourite character would have to be Tony Stark aka Iron Man and this is because he does what ever he can to save the innocent people in his town and he does his best to conquer evil. Robert Downey Jr. places his part so well because he keeps that audience entertained and makes them want to keep on watching!

    I definitely can not relate to Tony in this movie because he is a super hero and this movie is fictional, but I really enjoyed watching it and being able to witness such a great movie.

    I would recommend this movie to anyone above the age of 11 because some scenes could scare younger audiences, but anyone above this age would love it! I would also recommend this movie to anyone who has seen the first Iron Man and this is because it would probably be a better idea to watch the first one before this second movie.

    I would rate this movie a 10/10 because I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it!

    I loved this movie and I will definitely watch it again! 🙂


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