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  1. Monster house would have to be one of my favourite movies. Monster House is my favourite movie because it is a bit creepy. My favourite part of the movie would have to be when Nebbercracker tells DJ and Chowder about his wife. It was my favourite part of the movie because it made me realize why the house is the way it is, it makes me understand the movie even more. My favourite character is Chowder because he made me laugh a lot, especially when he gets scared of the house he looks like such a wimp. I rate this movie a 10/10.


  2. Ingrid said:

    I have just borrowed Monster House from the Link. I love how Mr. Nebbercracker turns out sweet in the end and didn’t actually murder his wife. Chowder is probably my favourite character because he’s so childlike and kiddish. He always makes me laugh and some of the things he says crack me up! I really hate Bones though because he ripped up DJ’s stuffed toy rabbit. I though that that was really uncalled for and mean of him. All in all it’s a pretty great movie and I hope to watch this it again sometime because it’s definitely one for the whole family! I rate it an 8/10.


  3. Eliza said:

    I kind of like this movie, but it personally isn’t one of my favourites. I would probably recommend this movie for 8 year olds + in the movie I love how at the end the old man turns out really nice. I think the movie Monster House is pretty unpredictable. I would rate Monster House a 7/10


  4. Georgia said:

    hahhaha i remember Monster House from ages ago!! I love this movie! It is so funny and mysterious. i have watched it so many times i could quote the movie. i love it because the plot never stops and it is interesting and sort of like a kid horror movie. My favourite part was when the house was killed and the mean old man turned into a good old man and gave the kids things back. I would recommend this movie to anyone the age of 10+. i rate it a 7/10!


  5. Ashley said:

    I love monster house ! I used to be so scared of it :3 aha but now its awesome ! I love how the movie isn’t complicated and it has a basic story line so it is easy to understand. I also love how the characters aren’t all the same and that they are all different 🙂
    I rate this movie a 8/10 and i recommend it to anyone 8+ 🙂


  6. Adriana said:

    I LOVED MONSTER HOUSE!!! and I still do.. its a great kids horror because its not full on horror or no horror at all. I had a bit of laughs and other times when i was cuddling with my blanket.I rate this movie 7/10. I would recommend this movie to 9+ kids. But still WATCH THIS 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. Mollie said:

    Monster house was a great kids horror movie. I used to get really scared of it but i somehow liked it. My favourite character was the girl with orange hair, she seemed to be really nice. My favourite part was at the end of the movie when they went trick or treating again, not worrying about their ages. My least favourite part was when the dog got sucked up by the house because i love dogs and it used to make me sad! If i could change something about the movie, i would make it more realistic. It was a bit unrealistic how the house sucked up the car and all of the people! I would recommend this to kids 8+ because thats when i watched it. I rate this movie a 6/10 because it wasn’t the best movie i have seen 🙂


  8. Annie said:

    Weird and quirky this movie is unpredictable and interesting. I couldn’t say that its my favourite but i enjoyed it and thought it was a good movie with a good storyline. Its worth a watch and a laugh with friends.


  9. Monster house was a great little horror cartoon movie. I loved this movie because it has a great mystery and it keeps you at the end of your seat to see what happens. My Favourite character would have to be all as they have all different thing to tell. It was also very funny but the least favourite part to me would be seeing the house get cranky and eat people. This is a good movie and I recommend it for all ages


  10. Monster house was always a bit creepy to me but that didn’t stop me watching it countless time. It’s about two best friends and one girl who uncovers the secrets about the haunted looking house. Is it Haunted? Watch and see the untold secrets about the house and this horror, Cartoon will be so good to watch. I recommend this to people of all ages!


  11. The first time I watched this movie I got a little scared. It’s a movie about 3 kids on Halloween holidays and they trying to find things out about this house that takes people in and partly eats them!! They try and destroy the house 2 times the first time failed and just make it angry. But in the end they got rid of it and the man was free of the mean house. I would recommend tis movie to children 8-10. I would also rate this movie 8/10


  12. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Although I first watched it when I was a bit younger and it scared me a bit but when I watched it again it wasn’t that bed. Although it was a good movie because it had a bit of investigating and adventure. I liked all of the characters in the movie and it was quite funny in some bits which is always good. I loved the way that the animations take the idea of a haunted house to the next level by exaggerating the look of the house and the imagination of the children. I would recommend this movie to anyone aged 6-10. I would rate this movie 7/10.


  13. jorja said:

    i love this movie. I thought i was more a funny movie than a horror cartoon movie. All the chacters where good and all made me laugh at some point through out the movie. I reccomened this movie for 6 and up, I choose that age because they love these movies and start to understand all that stuff. if i enjoyed it they will.


  14. Olivia said:

    I really enjoyed watching this movie Monster House. I thought it was more of a funny movie then a cartoon horror. I love all the characters in this movie they all made me laugh at one point in the movie. My favorite i have to say is the old man who lived in the monster house. I recommend this movie for the ages of 5 and above, i chose this age because they start to understand things and i think they will enjoy it.


  15. I enjoyed watching this movie very much. The first time I watched it I was creeped out a bit, but now when I watch it its great, because I know what is going to happen. My favourite part would have to be when the old man tells the children the story about his wife, which explains why the house is the way it is. My favourite character would have to be the old man because later on in the movie he choses to be nice to the children. I recommend this movie to people who love a great animated movie, with some horror aspects. I give this movie a 6/10.


  16. I really like this movie and enjoy watching it. The first time I watched Monster House I got really scared, probably because I was much younger than I am now. Although it is a little creepy it is a great movie to watch. My favourite part of the movie is probably when the old man tells the story of his wife, because it pretty much explains why the house is the way it is. My favourite would probably have to be he old man, though I forget his name. I don’t really have a least favourite part of the movie, but there are some parts that are better than others. If I could I would make the movie a little longer and maybe introduce some more characters. I totally recommend this movie to others. Its a great movie to watch with your family, although younger children may get a little scared.


  17. Charlotte said:

    Monster house is a great movie. Its really interesting and funny, and can be a bit scary at first! I love how different all of the characters are, and how funny they are. It’s a fun movie to watch and the animation aspects are great. The way the house comes alive is amazing, i was anxious to see what happens next. I would definitely recommend this movie.


  18. I have seen this movie so many times. It’s great if you love a bit of horror and cartoons. It’s a fantastic way to spend a wintery night at home. It’s fun to watch and when I watched it I got quite anxious sometimes and desperately wanting to know what happens next. I think my favourite part is when the old grandpa is suddenly nice to the boys and tells them about his wife. This is a great movie for kids (but not very young children as they might get really scared) and I strongly recommend it to them. 🙂


  19. I’ve always loved Monster House. The characters are so different from each other, and I love how the animators chose to use an element of asymmetry when drawing the characters. I also love the way they decided to film the movie using capture animation.
    I also love the storyline of the film. I mean, a house that is inhabited by the soul of an angry giantess. How cool is that? 🙂


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