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Comments on: "Puss in boots (movie)" (3)

  1. Claudette Theodore said:

    Puss in Boots, one of the most hilariously cutest cartoons I have ever watched in my life. Anotonio Banderas perfectly fits the character and being such a cute cat you wouldn’t expect such a low and intelligent voice to come with it. This movie is a bit of action mixed with some random cartoon characters that come and go (very unexpected).
    This movie is just great, being hard to explain you will need to watch it!
    10/10 🙂


  2. Marie said:

    I absolutely LOVED this movie!!! I thought it was going to be a childish kinda movie but it turned out to be really cute and funny!!! My favourite part would have to be when Puss meet Kitty Softpaws it was so funny because they were hitting each other and everything it was so funny! I also liked when humpy, Kitty Softpaws & Puss went into the clouds and their voices sounded like elfs because it was just SO FUNNY!!! My favourite character would have to be Puss sometimes he would be smart and then he would be cute!!! Hes just so adorable!! But one thing I would change in the movie would have to be more action and less talking in the movie because sometimes I would get a little bored in the movie but the rest of the movie was great!! I would recommend this movie from 3-16! I would rate this movie 10/10 it was just the best movie!!!


  3. The movie puss in boots is a must watch! It sound really really childish but then you watch and you fall in love with it! The story line was so clever and it was so so cute. My favourite character was Puss because he was so funny and entertaining. I would definitely watch this movie if I was you, FOREVER YOUNG! I recommend it to people of all ages and rate it 10/10.


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