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Wham! So here I am, standing in a sea of dirt, with a big mad Templar lobbing rocks at my head.

Wham! Like some kind of martyr.

Wham! He throws like a catapult

“All right, Pagan, that’s enough.” (I should damn well think so.) “Do you see what your problem is?”

Wait – don’t tell me. You are.

Twelfth century Jerusalem – the time of the Crusades. 16 year old Pagan is assigned to work for Lord Roland, a Templar knight. Set against a background of mounting tension as the Infidels, led by Saladin, close in on the Holy City, Pagan’s Crusade sympathetically traces the relationship between the knight and his squire as Roland emerges as both mentor and friend for the orphaned Pagan.

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  1. Pagans Crusade is a book about a sixteen year old boy who gets assigned to work for a guy named lord roland
    who is a templar knight. pagan has to pay off his debts so he is on a journey and his knight lord roland befriends him and have a great journey. this book i did not like but that is me. You should give it a try and see if you like it.


  2. pagans crusade is a great way to describe what it was like to be a sixteen year old in medieval jersualum.
    pagan is a orphan who goes to work for a holy order to pay off his debts.
    on his journey his knight, lord roland befriends him and they have a throughly entertaining journey.


  3. Pagan’s Crusade is about a boy by the name of Pagan Kidrouk applying as a squire for the Order of the Temple set in the medieval times in Jerusalem. His application was accepted and they set off on a crusade with some pilgrams to the Jordan to collect Holy Water. Along the way the encounter many fights, up and downs as there King dies.


  4. “Pagan’s Crusade” by Catherine Jinks is a very adventurous book that you have no idea what it is going to throw at you next. Pagan is a young man that has come off the streets looking for money to pay back his debts. He is placed with Lord Roland as a Templar Squire. Lord Roland teaches him the tricks of the trade to being a knight along the way. Pagan begins to like Roland. Throughout the book Pagan is training to fight in anything the world throws at him. Does he make it or does he not? I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good laugh.


  5. I didn’t like this book. I found it to dificult to read and confusing. My whole grade didn’t like it eaither because they foound it boring like me. In this book a boy named Pagan needs to get money so he joined the templers. He is very sarcastic and rude and i don’t appriciate his rudeness towards people that are nice to him. i don’t recomend it to anybody:( because i think it was a bad book.


  6. This book was a disappointment to me because it was confusing and hard to follow. This book is about the journey of a young man finding redemption. He faces many challenges and learns many lessons but most of all he discovers the true meaning of friendship. Pagan has nothing but his education to lead him through his life and when he becomes a templer he learns that you should appriciate what you have.
    This book is most suited for someone who enjoys a bit of a humorous medieval adventure.


  7. i agree thoroughly with jessie because it is confusing and i dont like the brackets on every single page, because they are annoying and they take over the book, i dont like it at all.


  8. we read this book in my english class this term, i found it a really hard read because some of the words in it are really confusing. i also found it hard to understand what was going on because they dragged on about nothing sometimes which made it boring. pretty much every one in my class didn’t like it and agree with what i said.


  9. I would like to recommend a fantastic book called Pagan’s Crusade, by Catherine Jinks. It is set in the middle ages, in the time of the bloody crusades in the holy land. The book is in the view of Pagan, a young boy who is one of the Templar knights’ squires. He has very funny thoughts as he learns the darker secrets of Jerusalem and the so- called “holy” war, and tries to understand what Lord Roland’s problem is. The book is exciting, funny, gripping and interesting. I rate it 9/10.


  10. This book is funny and a good read. My class liked it.


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