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Amelia Jane, the big doll, is the naughtiest toy in the nursery.

One day she takes the scissors out of Nurse’s work-box and snips all sorts of things including the curtains and the poor pink rabbit’s tail.

Another day she finds some matches and the clockwork mouse sets himself on fire.

And worst of all she shoots the other toys with the pop-gun.

But the day she rescues the brownies by bravely flying the toy aeroplane makes up for all the naughty things – till the next time, anyhow!


Comments on: "Naughty Amelia Jane – Enid Blyton" (9)

  1. Lucy c said:

    This is a funny book about a big doll named Amelia Jane. Amelia Jane was very naughty and although all the toys at her home liked her, she could be very mean sometimes. Its a very old book so it is written with an olden day language that i quite enjoy actually. Amelia Jane always finds a way to get the other toys back if she thinks there doing something mean to her. This book was enjoyable and i would rate it a seven out of ten.


  2. Serendipity said:

    Amelia Jane is such a fun filled book. Amelia is the naughtiest doll in the nursery.The other toys, including Tom the toy soldier, the teddy bear, the clockwork mouse, the clockwork clown and the golden haired doll try to avoid her constant shenanigans. I recommend it 10\10


  3. Enter the nursery unnoticed by the toys and you can see so much.

    Enid Blyton has written a story of a toy doll called Amelia Jane that lives in a nursery and is very naughty, she will do anything to any toy just to get a laugh. Because she is naughty all the time, the other toys in the nursery get pretty tired of her, so they decide to play tricks on her just like she does to them.

    Have a great time laughing at all of the funny things that Amelia does to the other toys and laugh at how they get her back. 1 against a whole nursery full of toys, thats got to hurt.


  4. I remember as a little kid my mum and nan reading this to me. Not long ago I found it in my book shelf and read it again. It is such a simple but effective storyline of a doll who is the naughtiest toy in the nursery, all of the other toys get sick of her so they play tricks on her like she does to them. I am not sure that anyone would actually read it at our age but if you have a past with this book like i do, i suggest you go back and read it because a lot of memories come to you.


  5. You may think i’m a bit old to read a book like this, but I think no one is too old to read a children’s book. Although I read this at the end of 2008, Naughty Amelia Jane is a great book and funny at some times too, and I would still read it. She is a doll who lives in a children’s nursery, and is always getting herself into sticky situations. The other toys are always giving her punishments to teach her a lesson, but she never learns.


  6. Amelia Jane is a big rag doll and is very very naughty.
    One day she takes the scissors out of Nurse’s bag and starts chopping everything. she chops the curtins and the poor pink rabbits tail.
    she shoots the other toys with a pop gun, by now amelia was getting on all of the toys nerves.
    one day she is rescued by the brownies. they bravely fly on their toy aroplane and save amelia. they hope she doesn’t do anything naughty.

    i really liked this book. i recommend it anyone who is up for a little bit of an adventure that is a tiny bit naughty.


  7. i remember this book my grandma gave it to me because it has my name in it, its a cool as book, deffinatly read it!!
    love milly!!!


  8. Naughty amelia jane is a very famous book that would be very likely that your mum would have recommended it for you as she probably read it as a little girl. These books are very good for childrens imaginations that would certainly inspire many young readers.
    Amelia jane is a toy that lives with all the little toys in the toy nursery. Amelia Jane has a reputation of being naughty but will she be naughty all the time? will she be up to no good again? One thing is for sure the other toys arent looking forward to one of her tricks especially the dangerous ones.This book should definately for the younger audience as it is a favourite for the kiddies.


  9. ‘Naughty Amelia Jane” by Enid Blyton is truly a good book. Suited for younger readers, this book is based around Amelia Jane. Amelia Jane always finds herself getting into trouble; in fact she is so naughty that she is the naughtiest toy in the nursery! Life for the toys in the nursery is certainly never dull with Amelia Jane around so what is she planning next?


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