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Arch-Duke Ferdinand and his wife have been assassinated and the world is on the brink of war.
Their son Aleksander has been whisked into hiding, but plans go awry when the huge flying ship “Leviathan” crash lands on a glacier near their hiding place.
On board is a mysterious lady scientist, Dr Barlow with her cargo of strange eggs and Deryn Sharp, who is a girl masquerading as a boy in order to join the air corps as a midshipman.
“Leviathan” is a living ship which relies on its army of bees, bats and birds to gather food so that it can produce the hydrogen needed to power it, but there is no food to be had on the glacier.
Aleksander comes to the rescue with first-aid kits, but he is quickly captured.
Will he be able to convince them to let him go before his counts come with their war machine to rescue him?

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Comments on: "Leviathan – Scott Westerfeld" (1)

  1. This was fantastic! A bit reminiscent of Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines saga, but some great original ideas coupled with non-stop action. I love the idea of creating living machines (especially the idea of using hydrogen to fuel them) and I love the mashing of history with future possibilities. Great characters (especially Deryn), mystery, action and adventure, intrigue, politics – it’s got it all! The illustrations are wonderful as well! Roll on the next in the series…


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