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What does it take to survive?

If you so survive, what kind of a person have you become?

On the streets of a medieval town, an abandoned child scavenges to stay alive. A slaughterman takes him in, teaches him the secrets of his bloody trade. But when the slaughterman is gone, the boy is adrift in a world of cheats, murderers and thieves.

Comments on: "Slaughterboy – Odo Hirsch" (1)

  1. Slaughterboy is another great novel from Odo Hirsch, the creator of Frankel Mouse and Yoss. It follows a young boy named Conrad living in medieval Germany and like many others, struggling to stay alive. So desperate is he, that he agrees to undergo training to become a slaughterman although it opens him up to a world of lies and killing that consumes his childhood. In becoming a slaughterboy, Conrad never learns two important things: love and morality. However, Hirsch still manages to make us care for Conrad and worry what will happen to him next, even though he himself doesn’t care at all, as long as he finds something to eat. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to expand their horizons and try something new, as this books of this genre are not something that would commonly feature amongst our bookshelves. I rate this book a 7/10


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