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Fatimah is a devout Muslim. teve has never given much though to faith. Both are in the street the day a terrorist bomb explodes. Steve is badly injured and when the ambulance arrives, Fatimah has bandaged his shattered leg and is cradling his head in her lap, willing him to stay alive. But the Press is there too, and their picture makes the front pate. “Love across the divide,” scream the headlines. Then the anonymous phone calls start. Can Steve and Fatimah rise above the hatred and learn to understand each other? But while their two families are breaking down barriers, the terrorists have another target in mind.


Comments on: "Mixing it – Rosemary Hayes" (6)

  1. I read the book ‘Mixing it’ this book was by Rosemary Hayes! I loved this book, it was a really great read.
    I am not usually reading books because I don’t like them, but I really enjoyed this book.

    I wouldn’t usually read a book like this because it was a bit different with bombs and things.

    I loved it because in the end Fatimah, her brother and Steve stopped the tourists on the 2nd attack, they were close to making a lot of people die but they saved them!

    I also was very happy that Steve and Fatimah had feelings for each other, because I wanted them to be with each other!


  2. This book is a very exciting and something that I wouldn’t usually read. But every chapter there is something new and different happening. It is about two Muslim girls that are working to school, a teenage boy named Steve was also on his way to school. As they were just going by the church a bomb went off. One of the Muslim girls Aisha dies, the other one Fatimah is crawling around under all the wreckage and discovers Steve, she sees he is badly hurt and helps him. After the bomb a series of other events happen including the Community. As Fatimah is a Muslim and Steve is not, there is lots of conflict between the media and the public


  3. This is book is a very interesting book it teaches you about the muslims and their culture. The story is of a bomb that goes off in front of a church with two girls and a boy walking to school. It then goes on and tells you what happens to everyone in the story. This book has lots of detail. Some parts were hard to under stand but as you continue it make sense. In some parts I lost interest but there were parts that made you continue reading to the end. A great book and Author.


  4. This book was fantastic! The character i liked the best was fatimah. She was generous in many ways and my saving steve that just blowed me away. She took the death off Aisha quite well and supported her family in many ways to help them through out this tough time with Aisha being apart off their family. The story line and event placing was good and the bombing part was sad but also showed the characters emotions. I loved the way that rosemary hays wrote the book and hope that she keep writing books like this because i would love to keep reading books like this from her.


  5. Even though I read this book last year, I still remember it all because I loved it so much!
    This exciting and interesting story is about two very different teenagers, Fatimah and Steve, but after a bomb hits where they both happen to be near, their lives take a dramatic turn. There are scary moments with suspence and there is nice moments that you just want to keep reading about.
    My favourite character was Fatimah because she was an individual and always tried to be positive. My favourite part of the story is when the bomb goes off. People who love action stories would like this part!
    Some parts were a bit confusing and hard to understand. Making it a little less confusing would be the only thing I would change.
    If you like stories with a little bit of everything – love, action and culture – then this is the book for you!


  6. i think this book is alright i would recomend if you like other places of the world i liked it


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