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Ruby Crane is a rising star. At fifteen she sold her first book, got a movie deal, scored the hottest guy in school, and became the most popular student at Frasier High. Now, as a soon-to-be junior and published author, she’s ready to make waves in New York’s literary world. She’s about to become famous. But every star falls back to earth one day. And in Ruby’s case it’s quick, public, and extremely painful.

She’s accused of plagiarism – on national television. And the worst part is that the proof of her literary lies seems indisputable. Ruby’s skidded straight past famous and landed smack dab in the middle of infamous before she even got to a second printing! Her friends won’t return her phone calls. Her boyfriend’s gone AWOL. The media vultures are flying low, and they want answers. So what happens now? Will anyone ever trust Ruby again? Is her life really over? Ruby does what any self-respecting headline would do. She disappears. And that’s when her story really begins.


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  1. OK, if you have tried to read this book and found yourself putting it down after 3 pages, Stop, pick it back up again and keep reading. That is what i did and i am so glad i continued. The description in this book is incredible and in certain parts, you can actually feel the the tension, love, and hate as if it were happening to you. Ruby’s life is complicated and she will do anything to change it, so she does. Running away was easy but keeping up the act and all the lying is much harder than she expected, the fear of exposure keeps her going and she dreads going back to the life of publicity and the questions of plagiarism. The lies keep coming and the truth slowly dissapears, but then things change and her life changes. The way this book is written is great. there are so many things happening at once but at the end they fit together and everything makes so much sense. I love this book and reccommend it to any one who is willing to give it a shot. Remember…keep reading, I did, and i didn’t want to stop.


  2. hey
    for lit circles, my group and i are reading kiss my book.
    it is about a girl who gets accused of plagarism, so she moves to a small town with her aunt to start a new life. It is a really funny book and I would recommend it to people who love reading or just having a good laugh.


  3. This book is a very interesting book and I really enjoyed. Ruby Crane I think should have just told everyone who she was in the first place but thats my opinion. I thought that this book was filled with suspense and it was entertaining.


  4. This book ended up being really good and I would recommend it. The start of it dragged a little though and I didn’t find interesting but the story line of the book turned out to be great!
    The book is about a girl, Ruby Crane, who started out to have just written her first book. She was then, suddenly, accused of plagiarism. Her life as she new it had changed, dramatically. She could not handle the stress, so she moved to a small town called Whispering Oaks.
    This book includes different types of genres, parts were mysterious, there was a love story, and these were not even for the main story. If you are looking for a good read, I defiantly suggest this!



  5. I thought this book was okay, but I thought it would be more interesting and mysterious. There’s only a little bit of interesting parts, but the rest of the book was a little boring. The only bit that was interesting was when she was accused of plagiarism and when she’s kissing Jacob. I’d rate it a 2/5.


  6. Hi,

    This book is fantastic, I must admit at the start I thought is it ever going to end, but hold on because as you read it gets better and BETTER. I think this book has a lot to do with people my age. Anyway, the books about a girl named Ruby Crane, she writes a book but is accused for plagiarism, Ruby leaves her home town and goes to live with her aunt Fin. Her aunt owns a little shop named the Curios cup, Ruby changes her name and makes friends in this little town Whispering Oaks. There she becomes friends with the locals and ends up having a boyfriend, she learns about the history of Whispering Oaks including the scary story. Oh my gosh I won’t tell you anything else, I’ve already told you too much, Just read it OK…. Hoestly you won’t be Able to put it down



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