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Comments on: "Howl’s moving castle (movie)" (2)

  1. I love howl’s moving castle. in fact i love all hayao miyazaki films. HMC (i’m shortening it) is very much a fantasy film. out of jelousy a the witch of the waste (lol) turns a pretty, young girl-who fails to see her own beauty- into the age she percieves herself, into an old lady. she finds a wizards home, howls moving castle, and she hopes he can turn her back. she is determined to help howl and those in his castle, in turn finding the life she thought she could only dream about, beyond the hat shop. watch it with your family they’ll enjoy it, i bet.


  2. i am claudia and i have seen the movie HOWLS MOVING CASTEL. i think that it is a movie for everyone from year 7 until your about 25. i think the movie has a lot of creativity. i love the whole moving house adventure. my favourite charter was the girl that turned in to a old lady because she made very nice hats.keep it cool, peace out


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