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Comments on: "Did you hear about the Morgans?" (7)

  1. I thought that this was a very clever movie. It is about a struggling couple who witness a murder, so the murderer doesn’t track them down, they have to go to a witness protection program out in the middle of know where. They go through wacky adventures, fun times, memorable times and get their relationship back on track. I thought that it was a funny movie and I would highly recommend it.


  2. This movie is hilarious. It is a about a couple, Paul and Merryl who are put under witness protection after they witness a murder. They are sent to live in wyoming, which is in the middle of nowhere. They live with a couple who help them through some problems the encounter within their relationship. Throughout their stay at Wyoming they realize that they really do love each other and return happier than before they left. i would recommend this movie for people who like comedy and romance


  3. ahah i have sen the movie its really funny and it makes me think that not all marriages work all the time.


  4. Did you hear about the Morgans is a typical american movie where nothing goes right for them until the end as usual. But still is is a good movie at times, it makes you laugh at times but sometimes they try to make us laugh but it just isn’t funny sometimes. There are a handful of scenes where it differs to the typical movie but for me it still doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


  5. Did you hear about the morgan’s? Wasn’t as good as it made out to seem. Enjoy it but I think it had my hopes up a bit to high. It was still funny and it made me laugh but I think the story line was a bit predicting.


  6. I went to the movies to see the movie ”Did You Hear About The Morgans”I recommend it to at least 11 and over. if you are interested in a movie that you feel like you need to laugh this is the one.
    my favourite part of the movie was when they learn how to use a gun. I think it is a movie more that you have to watch it from start to finnish to understand the whole movie


  7. i recommend the movie “Did you hear about the Morgans?” because it is a great movie to see when you’re in the mood for laughing!! its a interesting movie about a couple who are ”taking a break”, but when a murder goes on and they are being hunted down by a killer and they get moved to wyoming for projection. my favourite charter who have to be paul because he’s funny and a bit stupid! it’s a great movie and i recommend it!


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