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A gripping, moving and memorable story

set during the last weeks of the Second World War.

After fleeing their home and being separated from her grandmother,

16-year-old Gisela is trapped for days

with her little brothers and a young girl under the rubble after the bombing of Dresden.

Allen & Unwin


Comments on: "Dark hours – Gudrun Pausewang" (5)

  1. This book was really amazing and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to anyone because Gisel is such a role model. She was my favourite character because she stepped up and took on the adult role, and took care of all 4 kids.

    This book was so inspirational and made me smile 🙂


  2. well we read this book for literature circles. It was a very good book but also a bit evasive, It was quite descriptive yet not too gory. I really enjoyed this book and would reccomend it for all people. Altho the ending was predictable, I felt myself go along a journey with Gisel and her brothers. Share her thirst, hunger and responsibility and mainly think of how lucky we all are today not to live in war and hate. And altho the ending was predictable I was still exited and happy at there helpers. I enjoyed this book and would reccomend it to all!


  3. Dark hours is an amazing book. It made me really think about how lucky i am to not have to feel the pain and hope that Gisela, her younger brothers and little lotte did. The way dark hours ended it made me want to cry, knowing that they were about to catch a train to the death camps, however when the young children were found i felt relieved and i felt as if i were then when the shaft broke through with light from above. For them to hear their Oma’s voice again my eyes started to well up of happiness and relief.
    My heart sank when the Gisela found out that Herr Rokel was dead, i felt her pain and devastation. This book had both the good and the bad, the happy and the sad moments and that’s what i loved the most.


  4. I read this book for Literature circles. I enjoyed it so much. However, the book didn’t really end the way that I really wished it would, but that’s just the way it goes. I was upset, and felt so devastated when Herr Rockel’s life ended. I felt the pain go though Gisel’s chest and it went through mine also. I felt like I was really trapped right there with them. And when they got out, I thought that i was climbing up that ladder, and seeing the bright light hit my eyes. I love the way that the author described the outside when they got saved. I got frightened at the picture in my head of all this rubble, these buildings just piles of ash. ‘Half the front of the building had disappeared – but the trains were still running’ this comment just made me flinch. Because I know that these trains were filled with Jews going to the death camps. I felt tears welling up in my eyes when these words ended the book: ‘Every war is a crime, Stephanie. I wish we’d been spared the war I lived through as a girl, and I hope you will never know what it’s like to be involved in one. We must all do our best to create a peaceful society and insure monstrous crimes are never commited in our name. Perhaps my story will show you that even ordinary people like us can be strong when we have to be. That’s what really matters’

    This book has defiantly taught me something, exactly that. People like us can be strong when we have to be. No matter what, I am never going to forget this book.


  5. Overall I thought it was a great book and I so felt relieved when they found the family. When I read they were the only ones who survived in the shelter I was shocked. They were so lucky they went into the bathroom and and not in to the main part of the shelter like most other.I felt sad when Herr Rockel died he had been so help to the children and sounded like a really nice man. I also thought the ending was a little bit predictable but I felt happy it was a good ending . Although I did enjoy it how it explained what happened in the war but at sometimes I was little confused what the author was trying to tell us about. I loved how Gisel went to visit Sophie and how they grew a strong friendship . I think this book has a great meaning that Gisel is trying to write to Stephanie. Gisel is so lucky to be alive to tell stephanie the story considering how many people in the shelter died. I feel this was a great story that illustrates what happened in the war. Although sometimes I was a little confused I believe it had a great meaning and if I was Stephanie I would really love the book and treasure for as long as I lived. I would suggest this book a try and hope you enjoyed it like I did.


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