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Henri is used to the quiet routines of the Abbey of St Luc. He’s shy and solitary, until Micah – the wild troublemaker with the voice of an angel – sweeps into his life. Micah may not know how to comb his hair, or wait his turn, but he certainly knows how to stir things up. Henri has never had such adventures.

And then comes The Plague. With the tail of a scorpion and breath of fire, it decimates every village and town until nothing can ever be the same. Together, Henri and Micah and their Company of Fools discover the soul-soothing power of laughter. But will it be enough?

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  1. A Company of Fools is set around the time of the Great Plague. Back when there was no medical break throughs and tablets for colds. It is based on a young boy called Henri who lives at the Abbey, St Luc’s in Paris. The Abbey is a place where a group of monks live. The monks bring boys into the Abbey how have great voices, these boys become choirboys. Brother Bart is a monk who is known for bringing back strange things to the Abbey, such as a cat and a muddy stick. One day Brother Bart returns from one of his many journeys with a boy. This boy was around Henri’s age his clothes were ragged and filthy. His name was Micah and he will change Henri’s life forever.


  2. Niamh said:

    This book is a book of hope happness sadness.
    I enjoyed this book, it was a bit of everything. With the black plage in
    it, it makes it alot more interesting, I would reacomend it to others if they like kind of medieval, and sadness, hope, courage and more I could go on but I won’t.
    Reading it has made me think of the life I live and so diffrent then it seeing how much the world has changed and more. This book is full of twists, turns and many more things in it’s a good book for all to read I think you will like this book. I rate this book 5/10 stars.


  3. I got the chance to read this book for literature circles. It was good to read about the adventures of Henri and Micah in the Abbey of St Luc. This book was very easy to follow and it was very understandable. M favourite part was when Henri jumped in the sewers and Micah jumped in after him.I thought this was very funny. The bond between Micah and Henri grew stronger and stronger throughout the story and the stabled a very good relationship. Unfortunately the plague comes around and the story is twisted. I would recommend this book to people who are in for a good twist. It is a real eye opener and I would rate it an 7 and a half out of ten.


  4. I read this book for lit circles, it was my first choice and i really wanted to read it. Though it is set in a very sad time Henri stayed happy as the obnoxious Micah led him astray. Even though this story is about a boy living hundereds of years ago, I found it easy to follow, and I thought that it was a book about friendship. My favourite part was when Micah got throw into the sewers, and Henri jumps in after him. I liked it because I thought it was funny. After that their bond only grows stronger until Micah turns vain, when his talent is discovered by the plague inflicted people, who believe he can cure them. I would recommend this book to others as an eye opener.


  5. We read this book for literature circles. This book is a pretty interesting book. I love the way that Deborah Ellis makes all of her sentences short in this book so it can be easily understood by people. I think that this book was an easy read in that it was easily understood and the text was easy to understand. I liked this book because Micah was very naughty. I would rate this book 6and a half out of 10.


  6. i really enjoyed the adventures Henri and Micah went through and it was extremely interesting. i was very disappointed in the ending though because it was brief. i was expecting a lot more.


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