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Comments on: "When a stranger calls (movie)" (5)

  1. A friend and I were bored one night and we were looking for a scary movie and I just saw this one so we chose it and it was so scary and we were hiding under the blanket when the scary parts happened and then one of us who was brave would put their head up and see what happened. We screamed so much. So if you are looking for a scary movie. I definately recommend. 10/10


  2. This movie is really the best movie you will see if you like scary stuff. I like this movie because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. My favourite part was when they are running away from the man. I recommend this movie to people that are into scary and dangers movies and that are older then 10. This movie will be the best movie that you will see with a little scare once in a while.


  3. I loved this movie, it’s the best.
    I loved this movie because a lot of the time your not expecting whats going to happen.
    I found it pretty scary.
    Its about a girl who goes to baby sit a little boy and girl.
    She keeps hearing nosies and gets scary phone calls and to top it up the house keeper goes missing.
    I love this movie and I watch it all the time I reccomened it to anyone of 10. I rate it 10/10


  4. Omg! i love this movie it’s good as,
    iv’e seen it thousands on times only because my mum and i are absaloute horror freaks.
    i enjoy this movie so much, it really gets you going and i’s alot of fun to watch your sisters and brothers jump out of there seats.
    what i love about these movies are you don’t know what comming it’s unecspected and you have know idea what you about to see.
    if you haven’t seen this movie only watch if you think your up for it..
    but i do recommend this movie it’s great and scary haha,


  5. I would like to recommend the movie ‘When a Stranger Calls.’
    It is truly the best scary movie i have ever seen, although i haven’t seen much.
    It is about a girl who is baby sitting two children a girl and a boy.
    while she is baby sitting she gets all these scary phone calls and one said, ‘Have you check the children.’
    so she goes and checks, there fine. she gets another call saying, ‘Hows the children.’
    That is when she really gets freaked out.
    The best part of the movie is when she is escaping. She is very smart on what she does to escape.
    If you are the one that doesn’t like blood and cutting in scary movies well this movie just really builds up suspense and thats why i like it.
    unfortunately this movie is not a book but if it was i would still rather watch the movie.
    i would rate this movie 9 out of 10.
    I love it ❤


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